I have no idea if all this was intentional or not, but the simplest explanation is that Falcon had to be introduced in such a way that he could plausibly fight alongside Cap and Natasha after just a handful of scenes. The easiest way to do this was for him to be the friendliest, most likeable dude ever, which was helped along by the fact that Anthony Mackie could have chemistry with a rock. Seriously, he was pure joy to watch. GIVE ANTHONY MACKIE A FALCON MOVIE AT ONCE. And don’t infuse it with excess manpain, make sure it’s properly balanced like the Thor movies, which show Thor as a friendly and optimistic person who just happens to end up in difficult and depressing situations. Sam Wilson is my only hope for any of the Avengers getting some decent therapy, and oh boy do they all need therapy.

New Avengers v1 #5




The Granny Alphabet (Time Walker)

Advanced Style (Ari Seth Cohen)

I hope to keep an excitement for fashion and style even in my older years!

Another series of images from The Granny Alphabet! I had to!


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do you think the wizarding world has weeaboos but for muggle culture

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Chris Evans and his younger brother, Scott.

Two things I learned today:

1) Scott Evans is completely, 100% more attractive than his brother.

2) Scott Evans is completely, 100% homosexual.

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Kill The Beast
Go Radio - Lucky Street



English artist Craig Davison creates series of paintings that beautifully illustrate the awesome power of childhood imagination and our limitless ability to play pretend as our favorite movie characters. He draws from a wide variety of movies, but the pieces seen here all revolve around Star Wars.

Kids play their hearts in the foreground while their shadows loom larger than life in the background as the fictional characters they’re pretending to be. Tree branches have become light sabers, cardboard tubes and a hair dryer work equally well as blasters, a garbage can and a colander are all you need to be R2-D2 and C3PO, and a pair of headphones serve as Princess Leia’s cinnamon bun hairdo.

Visit Craig Davison’s website to check out more of his delightful and nostalgic artwork. Then go grab a tree branch and meet us at the park for a light saber duel.

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I have a book of illustrations by Craig Davison I picked up at the Cartoon Museum in London. Story time?

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